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Coupon Ads in Mobile Games - New Way to Drive Real Transactions

20210326_Coupon ads in mobile games - new way to drive real transaction

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Whether you like it or not, advertising has always been an important part of mobile games. Some even say it is a ‘lifeblood’ that will define if this game should remain in the market or not. And with today’s world, which is full of creativity and innovation, advertising does not always have to be something that one needs to endure.

Some say coupon advertising in mobile games is a form of creative advertising that can be more memorable and longer lasting as compared to other types of ads. It has been proven to be an effective tool to help improve gamer experience.

What is coupon ads?

So what exactly is “coupon ads”? It is a type of ads that offers ‘coupon’ or ‘voucher codes’ for players to redeem their prizes in the real world. Coupon ads can help to drive real sales transactions for brands in both online and offline stores. It is also a way to create a better engagement between players and the branded products, encouraging them to return and keep playing the game.

Benefits of coupon ads

It is undebatable that coupon ads offer several benefits for sales and marketing, making it one of the most effective promotion tools. The first benefit for in-game coupon ads is its competitive cost, as compared to coupon ads in other types of media such as social media. In-game’s CPA or cost per collect coupon is relatively low. On top of that, this competitive cost for launching coupons also comes with expected ‘real transactions’. In-game coupons strategy fits right into the Online-To-Offline (O2O) trend, which many believe is going to be “the future of retail”.

20210326_Coupon ads - evergreen forest coupon

How does it work?

Speaking through gamers’ perspective, once the game they play offers them an interesting coupon for the products in which they are interested in, many of them would not hesitate to visit the shop and redeem the reward in the real world. This whole journey would create some special connections and engagements between gamers and those branded products. Gamers would also enjoy the quests or in-game activities in which they have to participate in order to obtain such incentives which come in the form of coupons/rewards.

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How to get started on coupon ads

The next question may be ‘how could marketers/advertisers get started with the use of in-game coupons for their campaigns’. Simple steps would be first, they need to know that this product is suitable for driving Online-To-Offline (O2O) marketing which would help them drive real transaction and set sales target, second they need to understand that not all games are the same and each game is catering for different preferences among gamers in order to match the right product with the right game. Gamer demographic and characteristics are also important for advertisers to understand before choosing which game they would partner with. 

Lastly, there is also a customization option if advertisers want to have game developers create a specific game for their products. Moreover, the brand and the game can also roll out a synergy promotional campaign to capture attention from both gamers and non-gamers. The use of ‘gamification’ has been recognized widely that it is one of the most effective tools to create an impressive customer/gamer experience through a well-designed journey that advertisers and developers co-produce.

Why wait? Let in-game coupon ads be part of your future marketing playbook….. NOW.

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