At HotPlay, we offer a range of in-game advertising and promotional opportunities which can be tailored to the precise needs of your product and marketing objective.

Why You Should... Choose Us!

Drive sales through in-game coupon with real-world value:

Through our gaming platform, we are an excellent advertising assistant who will help to establish your brand in the gaming world. We can connect your brand to the game by transforming in-game assets into advertising space. Gamers can win or directly purchase your coupon within the game. The results of these advertising activities are measurable and will in turn help boosting your sales.

Develop a game that matches your business

In-game advertising (IGA)_impression/display ads

Out Of Home (OOH) Ads in digital world

Application of your ad using an in-game object or environment

Build positive brand image & create better customer experience:

Through our non-intrusive advertisings which blend naturally within the game environment, we will help advertisers build positive brand images and create a more immersive experience for gamers. The placement of interactive advertisements with real-world rewards within the virtual world can boost the overall experience for customers.

Provide in-depth business insights and personalized algorithm:

With our advanced gaming technology, we can provide in-depth analytics based on the collection of massive amounts of gaming data. This allows us to deliver actionable business insights for advertisers to help brand increase its effectiveness of marketing campaigns. As a result, advertisers will then be able to better match product to target audience based on gamer’s demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Expand your customer base through the ever-growing gaming industry:

We will help you grow your business and acquire new customers in the gaming industry. In-game advertising will allow you to communicate your brand and marketing campaigns to 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, which is almost one-third of the global population.