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We offers the seamless, relevant in-game advertising platform that solves key challenges and fuels revenue growth

Seamless way to maximize your game revenue
through innovative & meaningful engagement.

Increase player retention for your game:

Through our network and technology, we bring gamers real world benefits which providing brand sponsored quest & daily login promote higher retention and session length through coupons from leading retail shops and department stores to attract users to participate in your game. Additional content can also be created and be plugged into your game. Our tangible rewards, which gamers can redeem both online and offline, will in turn boost player engagement and retention rate as well as life time value for your game.

Create a new revenue stream for your game:

We can create an additional revenue stream for your game by optimizing the use of the existing in-game space for advertisement purposes. Back by our limitless creativity and our advanced gaming technology, we see tremendous monetization opportunities for in-game advertising in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) media.

Expand your gamer base through our renowned brand partners:

Our strong partnerships with renowned brands from key industries will help attract new joiners into your game, which will in turn increase your market share and coverage. Brand collaborations and promotions will help fuel “user growth”

Improve gaming experience for your gamers:

Our seamless integrated advertisement, which can flawlessly co-exist with the surrounding gaming content, will help improve gaming experience for your gamers. Additionally, our non-intrusive and interactive advertising content will also help improve your game feel as well as polish your game environment.

Easily integrate in-game advertising:

With our experience in the game industry and strong technological capability, we can easily connect brand media into your game content. Our professional teams consist of both marketing and gaming experts and will be able to assist you throughout the integration process.


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