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HotPlay is an in-game marketing solution where we bridge advertisers to players via our In-Game Advertising (IGA) platform that connects with game publishers and studios. Our IGA platform learns to personalise players' preference resulting in an effective targeted marketing campaign. We also offer players a truly online to offline experience. We bring real benefits to players where they can interact with ads in a meaningful way and claim their rewards both in-game and in real life.

Our Solutions

In-Game Advertising

A seamless way for brands to grow users and reach intended audiences

Custom Games

Make customer experience more engaging, satisfying and unforgettable with the custom branded game

Grow Your Business with HotPlay

Game Developers & Game Publishers

Our in-game advertising platform enables game developers to creatively monetize without compromising the integrity of their game, and retain players through relevant real world rewards.


We seamlessly connect gamers with brands through non-intrusive in-game advertising and custom gaming solutions for all sizes of businesses. Our platform enables advertisers to creatively grow users, increase conversion and retain customers through personalised in-game coupon promotion.

Media Agencies & Affiliate Partners

We offer services that will revolutionize in-game advertising industry. We have new media solutions that will increase your chance of success in today's highly-competitive media landscape.

We identify high performance ad spots and blend in without compromising the gamer’s experience.

We transform In-game assets to non-intrusive ad that increases positive brand association and generates revenue while keeping developer’s creativity intact.

Coupon rewards bring real world benefits to gamers, increase conversion rate for brands and help game publishers boosting retention.

Case Studies

Custom Games


Enhance customer’s experience, to drive customer engagement through gaming

In-Game Advertising

Evergleam Hill

A seamless way for brands to increase customer base and reach intended audiences



Game Production

Game Developers & Game Publishers

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