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What Exactly are Seamless Ads in Games?

20211103_Blog_What exactly are Seamless ads in games?

We often hear the term ‘seamless’ when talking about ad integration or ad placement in the digital world. The reason is that advertising in the digital world has its own uniqueness and application as compared to advertising in the physical world that we are accustomed to. Let’s dive deep into what exactly are seamless ads in the world of gaming and why it is so important for this type of ads to be ‘seamless’?

In the physical world, advertising is woven into the fabric of our daily lives, or in other words, we are expected and accepted to see ads showing up on billboards, bus stops, train stations, vehicle wraps, stadium banners, shopping malls and all that. However, when advertising went digital, the expectation and acceptance of ads became fragmented, meaning some viewers may not be very pleased to see some forms of ads popping up interruptedly.

For example, we might not be very happy to see pre-roll ads, interstitials, unskippable videos or other ad formats that may delay our access to the content we want to view, hear, read, or play next. This is especially true for advertising in mobile games, which may require even higher attention to details.

Since gamers often get very immersed in the game and do not want to be distracted, any pop-up ad or any banner covering part of the screen during the gameplay can irritate the gamers to some extent. And it will not do any good for the company or brand that owns such a marketing campaign. That is how ‘seamless in-game ads’ come into the picture.

In-game advertising (IGA)_impression/display ads

Seamless Ads is all about quality of the ad placements and integrations which are very beneficial not only to game developers but also for the brands, media agencies and in the end, the gamers that see the ad themselves. The ads can look great in-game with many options such as how, when and where the ads are shown, including the formats that the ads are being presented. Above all, what is important is to make sure that the ads are non-intrusive, and the experiences of gamers are smooth.

In-game ads must live in a dynamic and ever-changing digital world, they must be readable and believable in a variety of dimensions, perspectives and integrated well in the complex virtual setting of each gaming environment. When done correctly, seamless ads integration will not only hold the attention of gamers but will actually help improve their gaming experience. Without question, seamless ads integration will be the future of digital advertising.

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