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HotPlay is an industry game changer that will take in-game advertising to the next level. Established from a strategic collaboration from top tier professionals in key industries ranging from technology, multimedia, games and entertainment, to venture capital financing. HotPlay is ready to offer a revolutionary marketing solution that harmonizes engagement between businesses and gamers.

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We offer in-game advertising, custom gaming solutions, marketing solutions and business insights for advertisers that seeks to reach out to wider target audience. We will seamlessly connect your brand to game content in an engaging manner.

Media Agency Partners

We offer services that will revolutionize in-game advertising industry. We have new media solutions that will increase your chance of success in today's highly-competitive media landscape.

Game Developers & Game Publishers

We serve as ad platforms that help supporting game industry by creating an additional revenue stream for game developers / publishers without compromising on the integrity of their game.

Provide Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) ads which are integrated with in-game objects in a seamless manner

Provide interactive ads to enhance the gaming experience and increase positive brand association

Provide exclusive coupon ads which give gamers real-world rewards and at the same time increase the conversion rate for brands

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Game Production


Enhance customer’s experience, to drive customer engagement through gaming

In-Game Advertising

Evergleam Hill

A seamless way for brands to increase customer base and reach intended audiences



Game Production

Game Developers & Game Publishers

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