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HotPlay announces Strategic Partnership with Mediakeys, an international multi-media advertising company, to accelerate the HotPlay In-Game Advertising platform global expansion

20210722_HotPlay x MediaKeys Partnership

HotPlay announced today a strategic partnership with Mediakeys, an international media & advertising agency specializing in out-of-home (OOH) and digital advertising. This partnership is designed to leverage Mediakeys global footprint and relationships expanding customer segments and opening new geographical markets for HotPlay. 

Founded by veteran game developers, HotPlay is a revolutionary in-game advertising (IGA) solution tastefully harmonizing engagement between businesses and gamers for all stakeholder benefit. HotPlay noted the partnership with Mediakeys is a stepping stone designed to accelerate global relationships and deployments.

Established in 1993, Mediakeys is a multi-media international advertising specialist with offices in 16 countries spanning over key continents including APAC, EMEA and the Americas. Large international coverage and years of experience have made Mediakeys the right partner for HotPlay as it begins expanding its footprint in international markets. 

From this partnership, HotPlay’s IGA platform will connect with Mediakeys’ advertising platform. As a result, customers of HotPlay will be offered an integrated solution for hyper-targeted online advertising campaigns which can be edited, set to a custom broadcast area and launched through programmatic mobile and desktop campaigns. Additionally, the expertise of Mediakeys’ OOH advertising and their ability to successfully develop both global and local marketing campaigns, through geofencing capabilities, allow an innovative way to take advantage of audience behaviors. This will help advertisers reach their target markets anywhere.

20210722_HotPlay MediaKey
Jessie Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut, Chief Executive Officer of HotPlay and Co-Chief Executive Officer of NextPlay (left) and Paul Cahierre, Chief Executive Officer of Mediakeys (right)

Mediakeys’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Cahierre, said, “It’s glad to announce that Mediakeys will be in a strategic partnership with HotPlay to support their business expansion to international markets with our large international coverage. Besides, I expect more international advertisers will be able to take advantage of Mediakeys Platform providing one-stop solution for online advertising which will integrate IGA solution of Hotplay’s.”

HotPlay’s Chief Executive Officer, Jessie Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut, added “In 2021, the global games industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down in the years to come. The game application market is the fastest growing business category in the world with strong growth prospects. With this partnership, HotPlay strengthens advertisers’ access to the global market of 2.9 billion gamers. At the same time, it also increases revenue opportunities and expands the customer base for game developers globally”

The synergy of the strategic partnership between HotPlay and Mediakeys will help brands promote highly engaging Online-to-offline (O2O) retail as the service offers objectively increasing their sales and at the same time boost customer engagement and loyalty.   

About Mediakeys:
Mediakeys is an entrepreneurial international advertising exchange, offering 25+ years’ experience creating and fulfilling global campaigns for local and international advertisers and agencies. Established in 1993 with a foundation in creative services and international media, they have grown into a multi-media advertising specialist with offices in 16 countries and business centers including NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, COLOGNE, ZURICH, MILAN, MADRID, ISTANBUL, MUMBAI, TOKYO, SEOUL’ HONG KONG, BEIJING, BANGKOK, KUALA LUMPUR, SINGAPORE and reach far beyond that.

About HotPlay:
HotPlay, a subsidiary of Nasdaq listed company NextPlay Technologies (NASDAQ: NXTP), is a revolutionary in-game advertising platform that connects gamers with brands and retailers around them. HotPlay leverages proprietary Artificial Intelligence to reach, engage and convert gamers by seamlessly integrating native ads and non-intrusive digital coupons redeemable through both online and offline channels. Our AdTech is built to connect Advertising partners with the 3 billion gamers worldwide delivering campaign performance tracking in real time. For more information about HotPlay, visit

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