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Why User-Generated Content (UGC) can be the Future of Gaming

Blog_Why User-Generated Content (UGC) can be the Future of Gaming

We can all admit that nothing is more interesting than something we are actually a part of. This statement can also be applied to gaming. UGC which stands for User Generated Content or any form of content that is created by the consumer of the platform that the content is published to. 

When we think about UGC, most people may think of game creation platforms like Roblox, or popular media like Youtube and Twitch streamers. However, in fact the concept or scope of UGC is actually broader than that. UGC can also be in the forms of GIFs, memes, music or even in-game characters, in-game modifications etc. Therefore, the possibilities of UGC are actually limitless. 

For game developers, UGC has existed in the video game industry for decades, but it has not been as well-accepted as it is now seen in today’s world. Back then, the changes made by users were even seen by game studios as unauthorized changes which could negatively impact their software and many studios went as far as punishing those who created such changes.  

But the table has now been turned, UGC-based games and platforms these days are actually some of the largest digital properties in the world. Let’s recap on why developers have turned their interest into UGC and are betting that this model can win them a big ticket for the future. 

1. Users’ creativity  

People in the gaming industry would all agree that creative talent is perhaps one of the industry’s biggest bottlenecks. And for this particular reason, user-generated content will help fuel the next generation of games. This form of content can help expand game experiences and at the same time increase player engagement and retention.

2. High social engagement

Secondly, it is important not to forget that the social aspect is overwhelmingly important for the success of any games, especially those that are made for multiplayers. Humans are inherently social beings, and UGC games are offering them the ability to connect and play with people both from their circle and from everywhere around the globe. As a result, we see people invite their friends, who then invite their friends, and so on… creating the snowball effect of gaming communities.

3. Game’s longevity 

Last but not least, UGC has a huge benefit in extending the shelf-life of games. This is very critical, especially for game studios who might not have the luxury of time and resources to continuously come up with interesting adjustments for their games.  UGC can help retain players and encourage player diversity through strong social bonding.   


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