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HotPlay and Siam Selection join hands to build on the exciting ‘in-game advertising’ ecosystem

Press Release_HotPlay x Selection

HotPlay and Siam Selection signed a business partnership, hoping to capitalize on in-game advertising’s ecosystem. 

Nithinan Jessie Boonyawattanapisut, CEO of HotPlay and co-CEO of NextPlay joined hands with Dr.Piyasunee Prasarttong-Osoth Chaipanee, Executive Chairperson and Nopphawin Kittiratphaisan, CEO of Siam Selection to further build on and integrate the ecosystem of e-commerce and in-game advertising.

Through this strategic partnership, Siam Selection, an e-commerce platform will be able to capitalize on the strength and expertise of HotPlay’s in-game advertising services. HotPlay will also be an integral part in helping Siam Selection develop its NFT properties within the platform. This collaboration will help formulate an even broader and stronger ecosystem for both parties. 

HotPlay is an in-game marketing solution which helps bridging and connecting advertisers to players via In-Game Advertising (IGA) platforms. Its IGA platform learns to personalize players’ preference resulting in an effective targeted marketing campaign.


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